• Monday, 30 March, 2020 12:41:AM

    The lockdown has affected normal movements and also affected the working of the industries including printing of News Papers. DIDI is worried because local bodies' elections are due soon and next year state will go for assembly elections and unless the message's actions and help extended to the public goes to the interior, the public opinion will not go in favor of the state government during this crucial time. Sources say though media advisors of DIDI trying to convince her that alternate media, i.e. Radio and TV are available DIDI knows well-being grassroots leader that the impact of TV is limited and unless print media comes to rescue it will not be easy to spread of the message of her monitoring and supervision of all actions to ensure reach of essentials to her people viral. Sources add that she managed to ensure the running of big newspapers in the state and also trying to manage and get restarted publishing of Bengali newspapers in the state. Sources say that though newspapers are on the stand it’s circulation is restricted to Kolkata only due to strict curb on movement by road, rail or by air. 


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