• Monday, 03 May, 2021 12:08:AM

      India after successfully testing of vaccine under international obligations started the export of Covishield marketed by Serum Institute but after criticism of exports ignoring domestic demands, sources say, stopped export to all countries. Brazil is one getting the maximum vaccine and due to curtailment of export, the vaccination program got affected. Sources say, failure to arrange vaccines has already cost a position to the Foreign Minister of Brazil. Sources added that Brazil also tried to get the vaccine from China but it has already been made clear by China that their vaccine is not that effective. The new minister in a meeting of foreign affairs submitted that no one in the world ever expected that the second wave of Corona will be so dangerous and affect India so widely but blamed the government for stopping supply. Sources say, President of Brazil is trying to shift his responsibility on the shoulders of ministers and still maintaining control over the public due to control over the market but a fishy situation can take any turn and our government to take lessons from the happenings around the world due to mishandling of Corona affairs and tight all loose ends to control the pandemic as was done during the first phase?


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