• Monday, 26 July, 2021 12:19:PM

    The Law minister recently thanked over Twitter the PM for the inclusion of some tribes of Arunachal Pradesh in the ST category. Sources say this has not been taken well by the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha, a long-time supporter of BJP. JMM is fighting for many years for the inclusion of eleven Gorkha sub-community in ST categories other than separate Gorkha land. Sources say in 2014, Mamta Didi forwarded the proposal for the inclusion of these sub-communities but RGI refused the proposal. BJP in the 2019 election manifesto had included both the points but after the elections, BJP has not taken both the points forward. After the inclusion of Community in ST of Arunachal Pradesh, the leaders of JMM feels cheated, sources say. In the last elections, JMM supported the BJP and BJP won the Vidhan Sabha seats of Darjiling and Kursong and in 2019 also won the parliamentary seat of Darjiling.  Raju Vista, MP from Darjiling, sources say not seen after the elections, voters are surprised for not taking any interest to fulfill the commitments by the MP and feels that poor presentation of the case has not yielded any results so far whereas the strong and committed follow up by  Rijiju resulted in the inclusion of communities from Arunachal Pradesh?


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