• Monday, 13 September, 2021 09:28:AM

      In the last brainstorming session of RSS where BJP was present, probably it was decided that BJP should focus on this segment and keeping this in view RSS has given due importance to its Sahkarita movement and its ancillary unit Sahkaar Bharti has been given free hand and boost to rejuvenate the movement, sources say. Shah, recently appointed minister of cooperative is in a touch of torchbearers of the movement. In the past also Shah, who was known only as a political agent of Advani, with his skill and understanding of the subject brought back the Ahmedabad district cooperative bank to profit of 27 crores from loss of 36 crores with the blessings of Advani. Kushubhai Thackre the then President of BJP realizing the caliber of Shah allowed him to head the Sahkarita Prakoshtha of the party, sources say. Now in Gujrat, BJP controls 20 cooperatives out of 22. Recently held cooperative elections in UP, sources say Shah took a lot of interest and luckily captured many in the state. The next turn is likely to be Bihar state where most of the cooperatives are controlled by RJD. Control over the cooperatives, BJP thinks will help in coming back to power and spread wings in the society to large extent, sources say?


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