• Friday, 19 November, 2021 08:11:PM

    The analysis of vote percentage and results indicates that voters of the country are very clear in their judgment and future of parties contests only for to cut votes of other parties is bleak. Sources say the clear victory of JD(U) candidates in Bihar and TMC candidates in West Bengal indicates that the vote percentage of TMC has gone record high of 75% whereas the BJP slipped to 14% approximately. Loss in votes if any indication that BJP bosses will have to re-think their strategy and will have to think that relying on defectors though given life to the present government of MP but this is not likely to happen everywhere. In HP also voters have decisively voted in favor of Congress, sources say now only the promises, inauguration, laying of stone during last months of government, mention of all social security points and election promises will not do and persons in government will have to deliver?


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