• Monday, 09 May, 2022 12:13:PM

    A brilliant person started his career from a Barsati in south Delhi but by chance with his family background got chance to enter in the personal staff of one very powerful and important minister in Late Bajpei ji era source says. Got himself involved in some deals indirectly and probably helped the dealers in getting some big contracts this was the turning point of his life. The contractor helped him to have a property in the country and outside. With the change in the Nizam, investigation on deals started hanging and the smart person shifted to other country but in further change came back and with help of friends in the political circle and in business community managed position in the BJP state cabinet of most populous state with very good ministry source says. Reports of his doings, at last, reached to the persons and he has been stripped off the powerful ministry and after his commitments to be away from all wrongdoings allowed to continue in the ministry source says. He missed the second term in the ministry on zero tolerance factor but the source says he is trying to come close to RSS heavyweight for support in induction in the ministry and also regular in the central office of BJP to get party position. To maintain a clean image outside he is working with builder and factory friend owners source says. It is difficult to hide misdeeds for a long in the present era source says he is already under the scanner and the persons at the helm will take care of his misdeeds to set lessons for others source says? 


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