• Monday, 20 June, 2022 12:22:AM

    PK is out of sight for Congress but people say he is still working behind the curtain source says. One time assistant to him,  Kanugolu has conducted a nationwide survey for state elections and 2024 elections for Congress. The report of Kanugolu, basically from the Bellary of Karnataka but speaks and understands Telugu and Tamil well, is very demoralising.  Kanugolu is working since 2010 with BJP as the leadership appreciates his work which is without any limelight. After the joining of  PK in the year 2012 for poll management, the work of data analysis was given to Mr Kanugolu source says. Both worked for BJP under the umbrella of CAG, an NGO.  Kanugolu continued with BJP along with his new company ABM even after the departure of Mr P K source says.. Report of Kanugolu is a very devastating source says. In report it is predicted that Congress is likely to lose in the Hindi belt and most likely will also face a tough contest in Raibareli. The entire expenditure of the survey, running into crores was met by one of the CM sources says. The Congress lovers are not happy with the outcome and feel that Kanugolu is a BJP man and just to demoralise the party workers came out with such report source says. No one in the Congress party can say why only BJP loyalists are hired by the party for such important work source says?


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