• Monday, 25 July, 2022 10:23:AM

    Jagdeep Dhankhar, candidate for Vice President from NDA was the state minister of Parliament in the Late Chandrasekhar cabinet later he became the Governor of West Bengal. He belongs to Kithana, Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. His strong will and sound Knowledge of legislature proceedings always kept the Didi government on its toes source says. His thorough knowledge might have attracted the highest authorities because Vice President is also the Chairman of the Upper house and for running the house sound knowledge of rules and regulations is required which he proved with his appropriate and precise remarks during his tenure as Governor the source says. Sometime back when he was Governor a letter from the top bureaucrat was received in the Rajbhavan to coven session of Assembly. Just after getting the letter, Rajbhavan replied that bureaucrats are not having the power to request unless it’s a cabinet decision source says. Later a letter reached with a formal proposal from the cabinet. Source says he agreed to the proposal but said in reply that this will be a historic session to sit at 2 o’clock morning. Due to typing mistake in the letter morning, 2 o’clock was mentioned instead of the afternoon. Didi government had to correct the time that too after going back to cabinet because any corrections are not to be carried out on the cabinet proposal without going back to the cabinet. Source says such sharpness and knowledge are likely to help in managing smooth proceedings of the Upper house?


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