• Monday, 19 September, 2022 11:47:AM

    Ms. Sushmita Dev was in the core team of Rahul Gandhi but due to some misunderstanding, she left the Congress party and joined TMC source says. Ms. Mamta Didi was much excited as Ms. Sushmita Dev because the CM of West Bengal thought that with her very rich political family background she will be able to build TMC in Assam source says. Ms. Dev was expecting that Didi will nominate her for Rajya Sabha, but this could not happen and all the excitement dampened and she started thinking that there is no future for her in the TMC source says. Ms. Sushmita is also aware that it is very difficult for her to win the Lok Sabha seat on a TMC ticket from any constituency of Assam source says. She has started exploring other options keeping in view her long political career ahead source says. It was interesting that when Ms. Mamta Didi was taking a very important meeting of all the TMC members, she abstained and was with the CM of Assam source says. In return when she was asked the reason to abstain from meeting source says she said that she went to CM to apprise him of atrocities being done to the party members. Ms. Mamta could not say anything in reply. 


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