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At WITC, we update the latest news pieces of the Indian political and bureaucratic corridors, as and when it takes place and we receive it. Our team puts in dedicated time and effort to source information in a fast-paced way so as to keep you abreast with the developments.

"Witness In The Corridors" (WITC), is an independent news venture which took birth in 2015 under the guidance and supervision of the Senior Bureaucrats. The team is committed to bring unbiased, and transparent news to your table.

We have a niche readership, for we offer news feeds about everything that takes place in the bureaucratic and political corridors, right from the transfers, promotion, posting, etc. of different Government of India officials to tracing the movement of political activities along with an analytical approach, with the help of our widespread network of sources in the relevant circles. With us being your source of information, you will stay abreast with various events in the country. Additionally, you will also be able to find different lists pertaining to bureaucrats like the Civil Lists of IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRPS, ER Sheets, and so on.

Since our inception (within a short span), we have been able to garner a huge viewership and appreciation. This wouldn't be possible without the active support and contribution of various dextrous team members, bureaucrats, and you. We are grateful to all of you, as your reliance and efforts give us the confidence of marching towards the goal of providing fast & credible news, fearlessly.

Our motto is to reach you fast with the latest information to keep you updated about the happenings taking place in and around the country, in an interesting and engaging manner.

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