• Monday, 26 April, 2021 01:50:PM

    The country very successfully managed the first wave of Corona and also contributed medicine to curb the Corona to the entire world. In September and October last year, ICMR and WHO warned the country about the outburst of the second phase may be more deadly. The entire world was preparing themselves to curb the second phase whereas we enjoyed the mid-time to celebrate the control of the first phase and the government ended with constituting a committee of experts to find out ways to control, sources say. The committee experts from, IIT, DELHI, IST, and IIS in its report submitted that corona will die to its death in January and February, ignoring all inputs and advice from experts of the world. Sources say, this probably left the country unprepared to meet the challenges from Corona. The committee in its supermodel predicted that by November 2020, 40% population will be affected with Asymptomatic and 30% will come under the herd community declaring that approximately 70% population will be having immunity in themselves to fight Corona, sources say. The committee also stated that Indians are having more immunity than foreigners. The government believed the report and supported this over the reports from ICMR and WHO, sources say. A small figure in February helped persons in power to clear the Kumbh Mela and also elections in five states, sources say this added the misery and the pandemic started taking its toll and now the figure is creating records?


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