• Monday, 26 April, 2021 01:50:PM

      The country is facing the worst attack and no solution is in sight, sources say. Though some countries have controlled taking as a mission, sources say, the health minister and all concerned will have to take it here also as a mission on the ground instead to tackle it by the issue of messages on Twitter. The government has kept Rs. 35,000/- crores to get all vaccinated but the most important thing is whether the amount is sufficient or not for approximately 108 crore persons above 18 years of age. Government is also not very clear about the cost of the vaccine because the manufacturing unit has decided to supply it to the central government @ Rs. 150/- to state government @ Rs. 400/- and to private hospitals @ Rs.600/- per dose. Sources say state governments have approached the central government to intervene in the matter and fix rates because it will not good to sell the only item on three rates by manufacturing companies. Sources say with the amount available in the budget central government likely to get vaccinated approximately 117.5 crores adults of in the country. Sources say in the last three months only 13 crores persons got vaccinated and the target is kept for 20 crores for another 3 months, the number of vaccinated persons will be approximately 26% to 30%. Sources add that the countries strictly followed the protocol of Covid and sincerely taken vaccination, these countries almost nearly say send off to Corona. For our country, sources say all involved work on mission mode and dedicatedly to control the pandemic.


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