• Monday, 26 April, 2021 05:50:PM

     Prabhu Chaudhary, instrumental in the fall of Congress government by switching over from a party and now a minister in BJP government is not seen after the middle of March in any meeting even called by CM to review the Covid situation, sources say. In the political gallery, the long absence during critical time is seen as something wrong between the government and leaders joined by Congress.Sources say that Chaudhary is not happy with responses from higher-ups on subjects related to his Health ministry and this is the reason he is keeping himself away. Even on the biggest poster placed at the gate of the biggest hospital of Bhopal, his portrait is missing. He is considered an outsider and always referred to in conversations that are taken to the government only under pressure from Delhi. The worst-hit area Sanchi, his constituency, also not able to take care of Covid patients due to lack of staff in the hospital, sources say?


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