• Monday, 26 April, 2021 05:50:PM

    The seven-stage elections in West Bengal by the end of this month, considering the blast of the second wave of Corona pandemic, political parties including TMC and Congress, approached Election Commission to complete the leftover votings in one go instead of staggered dates to avoid spread of Corona but sources say despite sixty percentage voters in favor to this request, has denied changing the dates claiming practical problems, sources say. In an artificial survey conducted by one organization, 44% of voters were in favor of getting all leftover votes together, 14% of voters wanted to get elections scrapped and 29% of voters demanded to go as per schedule, because of the blast of Covid. The argument forwarded by voters to shift the program was to avoid unruly rallies, political meetings, and the gathering of many persons at one place. TV programs are continuing with the pictures of hype of dead bodies at crimination ground, over flooding hospitals with patients, and almost collapse of infrastructure, sources say under the circumstances almost all the voters are scared to go to polling booths, though EC has claimed that they considering this unique circumstance increased number of polling booths to limit the numbers. The apathy on the circumstances by one of the most responsible and respected body is not understood or digested by common voters, sources say?


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