• Monday, 03 May, 2021 12:08:AM

       The duo of brother and sister worked hard in Kerala and Assam but as expected results are not that favorable and this has again given chance to criticize the leadership by the G23 leadership and demand for change in leadership. Sources say Congress leaders feel that when the country is reeling under such a grave situation due to pandemic no one will dare to come in open on political points ignoring the current situation wherein absence of proper care sufferings are going high, sources say. Congress leaders and leaders of group G 23 want to keep mum for the time being. Sources say the group 23 leaders are fully aware that if after elections the top leadership is criticized, first no person will take this seriously and the public will feel that instead of focusing on this pandemic the washing of dirty linen in public clearly shows the empathy of these leaders towards public misery and sources say no leader wants to risk their credibility? 


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