• Monday, 03 May, 2021 12:08:AM

      Central government despite many challenges in the country focused with its all resources on the five state elections, sources say. When most of the other countries in the world were busy developing infrastructure to fight Covid-19, because the experts already were on record that the second phase of the Covid will be more dangerous, the people responsible in the country were rejoicing their so-called claims that they have successfully contained the spread in the country. All so-called top claims of infrastructure development remained on paper or in the debate on electronic media by authorities, sources say. The second phase of the pandemic is in the country is playing havoc but taking shelter of Election Commission and courts put forward the political agenda ignoring the welfare of public, the shortage of medicine, hospital beds, necessary equipment, and items, focus on forming government in the states, probably has not been liked by many, the voters have shown their anguish and despite all tactics, propaganda, use of all administrative forces and defamation of close persons, the TMC regained power and secured five more seats than last elections in West Bengal and with very difficulty opened the account in Kerala, nowhere near the winning combination of Congress and DMK, the political leaders switched over to other side forcing the government of Congress to resign could not provide thumping majority to the party, sources added. In Assam also the BJP could not do wonders as claimed earlier even in Panchayat elections and by-election the outcome is not so very encouraging for the party, sources say. It’s sure and confirmed that the top leadership of the party still enjoys the top popularity and, sources added that the votes cast in favor are only on the popularity of the leader? The party and its other leaders started losing their ground in the country, reasons likely to be many but the time is ripe to relook towards arrogant behavior which distances the leader from the public and creates a communication gap that ultimately affects party prospects in elections? 


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