• Monday, 19 July, 2021 10:50:AM

    The loss of Late Shri Patel is affecting a lot in managing party affairs in Congress. Late Patel was very close to all old guards of the party as well free to talk to the leaders of the new generation, sources say. To fill the vacuum after many trials and errors the most effective approach is found of Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi. Sources say she has very intelligently provided solutions for the Presidentship of the party because the arrangements of ad hoc are not likely to continue for long as per rule and the party has to elect a new regular President. Probably the very close to 10 Janpath, Kamal Nath to take over as Working President along with others to manage party affairs, sources say this was also the brainchild of Mrs. Priyanka. The solution of Punjab also came from her, sources say. In the Gandhi family demarcation is clear and all the three know their work clearly so no infighting in the family gives strength to all three of them to control party affairs with the help of other leaders, sources say?


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