• Monday, 19 July, 2021 10:50:AM

    BJP is very offensively arguing for law on Population control keeping in view the coming elections in three states, sources say. The strategists of the party feel that this will hit very hard to the minorities and polarisation of votes is likely to take place which ultimately helps the party to regain the majority, sources say. As per the survey, the birth rate in the country is only 2.2 very little high than the standard of 2.1. The southern states are maintaining the rate of 1.7 very low from standards. Creating hype by a party without knowing the facts and details is not able to understand by many well-wishers of country sighting examples of China, where the policy of one child was strictly enforced now resulting in existing population of old persons thus forced to revert to the old formula, a loss to the exchequer, sources say. The argument by the planners is to educate the girls and boys and with a high literacy rate the birth rate will automatically come down instead of forcing through the law, sources say. Withdrawal of facilities is likely to help for voluntary acceptance to some extent but sources say planners will have to be very careful while drafting policy and to deal with it without any haste and short-term goal, sources say?


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