• Monday, 19 July, 2021 10:50:AM

     The election strategist  PK recently met the working President of the Congress party and sources say this was after his solutions to the Punjab rivalry, sources say. The meeting was primarily focused on the coming 2024 elections and of course, state election matters also figured, sources say. Later a follow-up meeting at the residence of  Rahul Gandhi also taken place where Mrs Priyanka, Harish Rawat, the ex-CM of Uttarakhand and in charge of Punjab, and also K C Venugopalan were present, sources say. Probably the strategy for all the three states which are to go for elections soon and for 2024 discussed and decided, sources say. This is not the first time that PK is to take charge of these states but in past also he was involved in strategy making for these states. Seems the Congress party is not taking chance and wants to start soon probably taking lessons from the past?


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