• Monday, 19 July, 2021 10:50:AM

    The steps now being taken by BJP and RSS for UP indicate the importance given to the elections of UP, which's right at the corner, sources say. A boy of Jhilmil colony of Delhi first was given the charge of Prachar Pramukh in RSS and then Joint General Secretary replacing the most respected Suresh Soni Ji and now Krishna Gopal Ji has been replaced by Arun Kumar ji to coordinate between state government, party and with central government, sources say. Arun Kumar ji is of Dattatreya school, a little forward and modern thinker, always busy with his tab to read and write new thoughts and guide people to act for benefit of the nation. He is considered the expert on Jammu and Kashmir issues and came to light when the then CM of J&K, Azad disband the shrine Board, sources say he was the person to convert the protest into agitation. From this 2008 agitation, he has not gone back and now occupied a very senior position in the RSS. The changes in cadre hint at the importance to win the elections?


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