• Monday, 19 July, 2021 10:50:AM

     BJP is trying from beginning to form their government in Jharkhand but Hemant Soren, leader of JMM, with 30 MLAs and support of 16 MLAs of Congress formed the government but everything is not moving as should be the sister in law of Hemant and wife of his brother Late Durga Soren is not happy with the importance given to her and thinks that CM is more tilted towards another brother Basant Soren, sources say. The four ministers in the cabinet of the Congress party also feel suffocated, the six MLAs of the party are already in Delhi to discuss the matter with the high command, sources say two out of six already had a meeting with the senior party functionary of BJP, Sources say. Congress party high command already read lines in between and senior leader of party Sahay is taking care of the dissenting leaders and after talking to MLAs at Ranchi, he came to Delhi to discuss the matter with six MLAs stationed at Delhi, sources say. Sources say, BJP wants one pro-active leader to form government in Jharkhand, Babu Lal Marandi is very soft and not that aggressive to dislodge the Soren Ji government, sources say probably with this reason BJP not able to form government in Jharkhand?


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