• Monday, 19 July, 2021 10:50:AM

    Chirag Paswan is a frustrated lot after his uncle Paras Paswan has thrown him out of the party and claimed his position as President. Later despite the best efforts, Chirag could not stop becoming a minister in the Modi cabinet, sources say. He is also not sure of the continuance of his four MPs with him. He feels that they are likely to join JD(U), sources say. The decision of the Election Commission is also awaited, if his group is recognized as real then, sources say he will get some hope to take along his party founded by his father. Though the open offer is from his friend Tejaswi is there to join his RJD but sources say, Chirag thinks that whenever in the past RJD and LJP fought elections together LJP lost the election because RJD and LJP followers are Marshals and do not wants to see themselves together. Offer to merge the party with RJD is also pending and all depends upon the decision of EC, sources say?


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