• Monday, 26 July, 2021 12:19:PM

    In the absence of strong opposition in Uttar Pradesh, Mrs. Priyanka  Gandhi is making use of the circumstances and aggressively putting forward the Congress party, which ruled the state with 269 seats in 1985 but the decline started from 1989 when had to satisfy with only 94 seats and afterward, could not cross the figure of 50, sources say. In 2017 contested with the then ruling party SP and managed only 7 seats. The Congress General Secretary started her tour from 16th July by sitting on Dharna at the common place of the state capital. Sources say later she went to 140 KM away from Lucknow to Lakhimpur Kheri to meet Ms Anita Yadav, who was stopped by followers of BJP to go for as signatory in the form of SP candidate. Due to bad handling, which later became a trend on social media, the BJP candidate won the seat unopposed. SP chief not found fit to visit Ms Anita Yadav and remained confined to social media comments and similarly Ms Mayawati not very aggressively condemned the incident, sources say. The visit of Mrs Gandhi to the residence of the affected lady is being seen that she is more concerned about Nari Shakti and Nari Samman, sources say?


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