• Monday, 26 July, 2021 12:19:PM

      UP to go for elections in 2022, all parties are trying to frame a strategy for power game and claims loudly that they are the best, without looking back at their last performances, sources say. BSP wants to repeat the 2007 performance when the party after convincing Brahmins grabbed the power. Ms Mayawati, Chief of BSP announced to have a big conclave of Brahmins at Ayodhya to show that the party is always cared for them and will continue to do so, sources say. Sources say BSP is counting on 19% voting population of Muslims, SC with 20.8% and Brahmins with 12-14% votes along with some EBC votes for 2022 elections, sources say. SP and Congress not considering BSP in election fray of UP, sources say?


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