• Monday, 26 July, 2021 12:19:PM

    The price of not only petroleum products but even daily use items have gone sky high sources say. No steps so far seen taken by the government to curb the tendency and bring down prices to make it affordable for everyone, the pandemic affect is already in the markets and industry, unemployment is on the increase, and the price rise, sources say the commoners are feeling cheated. International support is on high to meet additional burden on the economy and to flatten the curb of the pandemic, in spite of all these efforts reason for the uncontrollable hike is not understandable, sources say. Political parties are also not aggressively protesting against other than TMC, sources say before the start of the current parliament session, in meeting Congress party decided that MPs of the party to go parliament on bicycles to protest against petroleum but some members were of opinion that party should also protest against Kisaan andolaan and arrange some protest March, sources say the decision to go to parliament deferred and only TMC protested against price rise by going to parliament on the bicycle.  Derek O Brayan,  Kalyan Bandhopadhyay, Arpita Ghosh ji, Nadimul Haq ji, Shantanu Sen ji, and Abir Ranjan Biswas attended parliament by going on the bicycle, sources say. Members of Akali Dal protested against the krishi kanoon outside the parliament, Mrs Harsimran Kaur asked why the government is not listening to the misery of Kisaans?


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