• Monday, 26 July, 2021 12:19:PM

    Congress high command though managed for the time being a rift between CM and  Siddhu but for how long this will work is not known, sources say. It’s an unwritten system in Congress party that if CM is from Sikh community then state President is taken from Hindu community and sources say now state President is from the Sikh community then very soon CM will be from Hindu community or if  Siddhu takes over as CM then the one new state President will be selected from Hindu community sources say.  Siddhu while taking over the president's ship shown from his style and moves that he is not going to reconcile with CM because during more than ninety minutes program both not talked nor seen in each other’s eye, sources say. While going to address the gathering  Siddhu fist made the sign of a cricket batting hit and then went straight to Mrs Bhattal, ex-CM, and taken aashirwad.  Lal Singh, a senior leader of the party also blessed him, sources say.  Siddhu also said that by opposing him the persons will make him more strong, sources say?


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