• Monday, 26 July, 2021 12:19:PM

     The Twitter and Facebook problems probably affected relations between India and USA, sources say the USA ambassador posted to India some days back also met the Foreign Minister of India and handed over one letter addressed to PM. India now is trying to bring the relations back to rail and in this connection, two-three times telephonic conversations between PM and President of USA probably eased the situation and in this row, PM is likely to invite Vice President to address Tech Summit to be held during 17th to 19th November at Bengaluru. Sources say PM is also likely to visit USA and the foreign office is trying that during the visit PM to address United States Congress but so far no positive signals from USA administration. Foreign Minister of USA is to visit India from 27 th July and after a bilateral talk with  Jaishankar will meet PM on 28th sources say. Hopefully, all will be sorted out and relations will start flourishing as was in the past sources say?


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