• Monday, 13 September, 2021 09:28:AM

    Seven seats of Rajya Sabha will go to the poll. One seat from Assam, two from Tamilnadu, one from West Bengal, Puducherry, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra will go to poll on 4th October. Manas Bhuia contested for state elections in West Bengal and in Assam also Daimri contested state elections, due to sad demise due to Corona of Rajeev from Maharashtra and Gahlot after becoming Governor his seat also required to be filled. The two seats of Tamilnadu due to the resignation of Munusamy and Vaithalingam from Rajya Sabha to contest state elections also required bi-elections to fill up, sources say. Sources say Ms Sushmita Dev, recently joined TMC likely to be nominated by TMC, Sonowal, ex-CM of Assam and now the central ministry is sure of his nomination from Assam. Sources say one seat from Tamilnadu likely to go with Azad of Congress?


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