• Monday, 11 October, 2021 11:23:AM

    The youngest member of the Gandhi family is likely to join Congress before UP elections, sources say. Though he and his mother remained loyal to BJP and Mrs Maneka Gandhi remained a minister in the government for a long and only in this second term she has not been included. She comes from a Sikh family and the recent Lakhimpur incident the Sikhs are very angry with the party, sources say in the constituency of youngest Gandhi the percentage of Sikh voters are very high probably this reason has forced him to take a stand against the party on Twitter because he knows even being from Sikh family it will be difficult to convince the Sikhs to vote for the party, sources say. Varun Gandhi is said to be close to his brother and sister and sources say recently spent a vacation with the family of his sister. His wait for inclusion in the cabinet is also not yielded any positive results and probably with his calculations he is not going to lose if joins Congress, sources say?


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