• Monday, 11 October, 2021 11:23:AM

     BJP leadership is not happy with the goings-on in the central controlled area of Jammu, sources say. The mood of people indicates that the business community, so far considered to be very close to the party since long unlike the Kashmiri who always opposed the BJP, sources say. The mood is evident from the grand success of the band called by the Jammu chamber of commerce and industry and the defeat of RSS- BJP supported candidate in the Jammu and Kashmir high court Bar council. Sources say RSS and BJP left no stone unturned to ensure the victory of the candidate but the result was a great shock to leaders. The 2019 action of the government of removal of 370 probably not taken in that spirit because in the so far 75 visits of ministers and more than 200 visits of the member of parliament, probably due to international pressures and commitments, not a single visit was aimed to Jammu area, sources say. The people of Jammu feel neglected due to the importance given to the Kashmir sector. Sources say no proposal for the development of the Jammu area came to ground all proposals are for Kashmir. The indifferent thinking of the people is likely to cost the party unless some concrete steps are taken by the party soon?


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