• Monday, 11 October, 2021 11:24:AM

    After 2014 many senior leaders of the Congress party of Uttarakhand switched to other parties for their better political career. Some are perturbed after the selection of Pushkar Singh Dhami as CM. Sources say Vijay Bahuguna, Harak Singh Rawat, Yashpal Arya, and Satpal Maharaj were in the race but high command not considered their claim, this has taken as a signal that their career in BJP is almost over. BJP accommodated almost all ex-CM and senior leaders in one or other committees to give them proper regard and respect. The meeting at the residence of Yashpal Arya of Harak Singh Rawat and Pushkar Singh Dhami has been taken in political circles that Arya likely to go back to Congress, though the supporters of Arya refuted the rumor strongly at the same time the reply of Harish Rawat in a press conference committing that many BJP leaders are in touch of Congress to rejoin again refueled the rumor? 


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