• Monday, 11 October, 2021 11:24:AM

     BJP was considered, a party where inner democracy was prime, dedicated cadre and disciplined workers and leaders with the humanitarian mind set up were the actual force to look for the betterment of public in general but sources say these have gone in vain, now new theories new models and new approaches are more prevalent. Democratically arranged agitation is taken as anti-government and every opposition of any policies is taken as a voice against the system, sources say. The inner democracy in the party is not seen, everyone is not allowed to speak, sources say only dotted line versions are welcomed. Whoever crossed the dotted line are nowhere and are being removed from the limelight, sources say. Probably the senior leaders just now removed from national executive are not aware of their mistakes for which they have been removed. Some critical comments of Swamy on social media, stand on some policies by some leaders probably cost the membership, sources say. But till the public is happy with the development in the country and polarisation nothing is wrong because the ruling party is to read the mood of the public to remain in power and small titbits do not affect party prospects. The new look of the party though still carrying the old legacy but changes are logical and compulsory to happen considering the present ground realities, sources say. In a new set up political leaders who are lined only to survive, there is no room for decedents and only one voice that’s too of development to remain to leave others, sources say?


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