• Monday, 11 October, 2021 11:24:AM

      The unfortunate incident of Lakhimpur Khiri was the litmus test for the Yogi government because opposition leaders were trying to make use of the incident and charge the state government and simultaneously there was apprehension that Kissan agitators were likely to cross their patience line and go for all-out opposition of policies because in the incident very senior and present minister’s son was involved, sources say. Yogi sensed the damage which can happen if the matter is not properly handled, sources say so to decide the actions himself camped in the control office at Lucknow to monitor the movement of Mrs Priyanka Gandhi, who was also aware of the steps probably to be taken by the state government to stop her by reaching Lakhimpur Khiri and distributed the convoy in different small groups and instead of going by highway started moving in small lanes and road to ditch the state government agencies to follow her but sources say convoy was anyhow located and she was stopped on the route from visiting the site and families. The PMO probably entered to negotiate with Rakesh Tikait to convince to reach a compromise formula, sources say. The stern and well-planned approach only diluted the incident, sources say?


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