• Monday, 11 October, 2021 11:24:AM

     Lakhimpur Khiri unfortunate incident raised many eyebrows and on the VVIP culture of the country, sources say. Accused of 302 instead of getting him arrested law and order agencies invited him for discussions and clarity, sources say. Even the highest authority in the judiciary had to comment on the way case being handled by police of state. From every corner, the minister and his son are being questioned for the incident sources say. The AAP leader also wanted to come in limelight and for this twitted that the son of minister already crossed the border and is presently in the neighboring country where the minister is involved in the illegal business of Chandan and Diesel, sources say. The most interesting thing is this twitter is tagged by the twitter handlers of the minister and only after getting many comments on them came to know the mistake but up to that time lot of damage was already done, sources say?


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