• Monday, 15 November, 2021 10:58:AM

     Now not a secret that BJP support increased manyfold after including the Hindutva agenda. Taking a clue from this AAP also thinks that in support of the cause of Hindutava in UP, it will be easy for the party to make inroads into the hearts of voters, sources say. During the visit to Ramjanm bhumi temple site, the National Convenor of the party and CM of Delhi announced he and his party followers donated for Mandir and also that he will do all to increase the number of tourists to the temple and also that he supports the cause, sources say. The slogan of nationalism and Hindutava seems for his party the gateway to inter in a big way in the politics of UP, sources say this is a well-thought expansion program of AAP. As announced the puja on Diwali was celebrated by AAP at Tyagraj stadium and the pandal erected was the prototype of Ramjanmbhumi temple. Sources say the aggressive approach of AAP towards Hindutava and nationalism has confused the staunch supporters of BJP and more will depend on the further move of AAP in the future?


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