• Monday, 15 November, 2021 10:58:AM

    Chief of RJD was very enthusiastic when arrived in Patna after almost three years and wanted to stay at least up the Chath puja, sources say. After defeat in two by-elections of Bihar, where after six years Lalu Yadav was physically present and delivered a speech in favor of contesting candidate, sources say probably not taken lightly by the leader and preponed his departure to Delhi with his wife Mrs Rabri Devi and daughter Ms Meesa ji. JD (U) leaders claim that the presence of Lalu Yadav in the election meeting after six years reminded the voters of Jungle raj of his tenure thus resulting in the defeat of both the candidates, sources say. Elder son of Lalu Yadav blames Jagdanand Singh, President, Shivanand Tewari, and Tejaswi that despite bad health his father was pressurized to the campaign which caused deterioration of his father’s health?


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