• Friday, 19 November, 2021 08:12:PM

     Captain Amrinder Singh after the launch of Lok Congress tried to contact number two but due to some reasons meeting could not take place. Sources say with help of Chug, the son of Captain Raninder met number two and during the meeting said that his party will contest all the 117 seats and also support other candidates to defeat Congress candidates, sources say. Chanakya of present politics knowing well that due to enthusiasm, Raninder is saying all and considering that politics is a game of convenience advised Junior Captain that he should concentrate on the winning constituency and candidates instead to go for all the seats, sources say. BJP leadership desires that maximum tickets be given to angry leaders of Congress party because they will be able to secure 7 to 10% votes, which will be of Congress party and this is likely enough to defeat the Congress candidates, sources say. With this calculation, BJP with help of Akali and Lok Congress will be able to snatch power from Congress?


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