• Monday, 02 May, 2022 11:59:AM

     BJP in Karnataka is trying to use all its arsenal to win the coming elections source says. It is customary to not keep the name of any ground, or road. etc on the name of living person but going away from this practice already named one ground and now trying to name the coming airport at Shimoga on two times CM MR Yediyurappa source says. Mr Yediyurappa could not complete both the terms and was removed by the party but is a very strong Lingayat leader, having a large following and Karnataka BJP thinks that to lure voters name of Mr Yediyurappa is a must. Karnataka BJP also decided to keep the design of the airport as lotus(Kamal), the symbol of the party source says. Action already started accordingly despite hue and cry from the opposition and other sectors but BJP is eyeing oncoming elections and not ready to change its line of action source says? 


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