• Monday, 02 May, 2022 11:59:AM

     AAP lost 14 seats out of 17 held before elections in Surat but AAP leadership without wasting time and taking back steps due to the loss of seats source says started electioneering vigorously to make inroads in the mind of voters. Punjab's win has also strengthened their views that they are the only alternative to BJP in the country source says. Kejriwal is searching for a house in Gandhinagar/ Ahmadabad to make at least for now his presence felt by the voters. Everything done or implemented in Delhi is being promised to provide a better and healthy atmosphere for the public source says. Gopal Italia, head of the Gujarat unit is trying his best to convince the voters but the joining of the AAP by the other important TV personality MR Isudan Gadvi has created some differences in approach policy because source says they are not on good terms and both want to become CM if by any chance AAP secures number as did in Punjab. Ultimately MR Sisodia had to intervene in the matter and make both understand that they will have to forget the past and move forward jointly as a team to challenge the BJP and Congress source says?


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