• Monday, 02 May, 2022 11:59:AM

    PK said he is not joining Congress but the source says his presentation to the Congress leaders including Mrs Sonia Gandhi will change the functioning as advised by the poll strategists. Leaders opposed to the formula suggested by MR PK will soon realise the effect and they will again start with favourable statements and this is not impossible that one day MR PK says he has changed his mind and like to work for Congress source says. Suggestion to give charge of state presidentship and leadership of the legislative party to two different leaders source says already resulted in a change in states. Soon, it will be seen that the parliamentary party chief and party president will be not one but will be held by two different leaders similarly leaders in the working committee will have to face elections and their preference to join parliament through Rajya Sabha will diminish. Source says more than non-functional 550 district committees are likely to be altogether changed and new young blood will be infused to give a broad base to the party. Some more suggestions are likely to be brought to the ground to strengthen the party soon?


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