• Monday, 09 May, 2022 12:13:PM

      The young 32 years old leader of RJD is very aggressive on the national census and declared that unless the cast base census is not taken up he will not allow for the national census to be carried out at least in Bihar source says. Tejasvi Yadav wants to get rid of the stigma attached to his party that this is only of Yadav's and inline demand that along with SC, ST the OBC should also be included source says. In the recently held meeting on the occasion of Parsuram Jayanti, the source says his tone and vigor were totally different, and probably wants to make inroads in Brahmins also. He has already opened a route of negotiations with very strong Bhumihar in the state. All these actions at this time speak of his intentions to take the party at different levels source says? 


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