• Monday, 09 May, 2022 12:13:PM

      It seems that the ambition of Sachin Pilot is to become CM of Rajasthan and for this, he is not leaving any stone unturned source says. For the second time, he met Mrs Sonia Gandhi with the grievance that despite assurances he has not been given CM’s chair source says the party interim president asked him how many MLAs will support him, but Pilot could not reply properly and said due to pressure from Gahlot, no MLA would come out in open to support him against Gahlot but in close door votings, he is sure to get majority support. Source says Mrs Gandhi replied that close door votings or meetings are not in the character of Congress and if he is sure about his claim after getting the signature of supporters to meet Ajay Maken in charge of the state. Gahlot got a hint of the move and puts strict vigil on MLAs to stall any such moves?


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