• Monday, 09 May, 2022 12:13:PM

    From the beginning focus of the BJP is to bring a small group of people into the fold irrespective of cast and social background source says. These small groups when joined hand together became very strong support hands to come to power or retain power for the BJP. Source says, now BJP Is eying on Tomars, ruler of the entire regions consisting of present Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, some part of UP, are still play important role in these areas but so far political parties ignored their strength. The first realization of importance was seen when a walk was organized at Anangpal ki Bawari when MR Krishna Gopal also participated, an unusual move by a senior RSS authority source says. Later, state ministers in the ministry of culture also visited the site knowledgeable authority said that soon NMA and ASI are likely to start the renovation of the Bawari which is present in very dilapidated condition. The move is likely to develop the area into a serious attraction for national and international tourists. Probably the move soothes the feelings of Tomars and they extend support to the BJP in the coming time, sources say?


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