• Monday, 09 May, 2022 12:13:PM

     The Panchajanya, the mouthpiece of RSS also came out to re-establish the glory of the Tomar dynasty. Source says that mouthpiece opined that leftist distorted the historical facts and nowhere mentioned the great rule of Tomar dynasty. It is almost accepted fact that Raju Dhilu first established the town near the present location of Qutub Minar and named on his name source says probably this was the first attempt for the Delhi name but the mouthpiece has not accepted this theory and says that Delhi was established in the year 1052 by Samrat Anangpal and named the city Dhilikapuri probably ignoring the fact that Dhilkapuri came from the name of Raju Dhilu. Source says that this is only to establish the Samrat Anangpal as the real hero and person and all activities will center near Anangpal ki Bawri?


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