• Monday, 13 June, 2022 10:54:PM

    Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the mathematics of the Congress Party source says. In just concluded elections of Rajya Sabha, the party has nominated ten candidates but the basis of the selection of the candidates could not be understood sources say. It seems that all top three leaders of Congress Party were given choice to nominate the persons of their choice and accordingly three have nominated three persons each and being head of the family Mrs Sonia Gandhi got a preference to nominate four and she has nominated her loyalist amt Tankha on the recommendation of  Kamalnath along with  Mukul Wasnik,  Jairam Ramesh and Ms Ranjita Ranjan. Source says  Rahul Gandhi proposed  Ajay Maken,  Surjewala, and  Chidambaram and Mrs Priyanka Gandhi nominated her choice leader  Rajeev Shukla,  Imran Pratapghari and  Pramod Tewari. Nomination of two persons from one district how can be justified moreover in UP Party could not manage more than 2% vote share and the contribution of these leaders on the national level is also not much visible source says. The party seems not to understand grass-root problems and thrusting decisions on leftover supporters which will ultimately be not productive and a loss to the party?


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