• Monday, 13 June, 2022 10:54:PM

    BJP has suspended Ms Sharma from the party due to some remarks and dismissed Mr Navin Jindal for the same reasons the source says. A lot of comments from supporters and opponents were seen on social media sources says. BJP due to the large following of Ms Nupur hesitated to expel her from the party. Mr Navin Jindal, who probably does not have a similar popularity source says was expelled. BJP seems despite a lot of criticism from all corners of the statement of Ms Nupur feels that extreme action of expelling her from the party is likely to harm party prospects amongst hard-core part supporters and seems to want to cash her popularity in the next election source says. There is every possibility that she will be given a ticket from Delhi in the 2024 elections source says. In other words, the comments are likely to open the flood gate of opportunities for Ms Nupur in future if she plays the card safely and intelligently source adds?


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