• Monday, 20 June, 2022 12:22:AM

    Once the ex-President Smt. Pratibha Patil said that the parda system is not our culture sources say a lot of hue and cry was created by so-called guardians of our culture without going into the ancient history of our culture. Later on the then President herself came to clear that her observations are based on our cultural rituals and added that Ghunghat parampara came to our country very late and probably after attacks from invaders source says. It is interesting to see that in border areas where invaders attempted many times and remained in power the parda system is more prevalent source says. South and eastern parts of our country are not having any parda but Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, Haryana, Delhi and nearby areas are still observing the parda system because this became part of our culture and habit source says. Probably this was to keep ladies away from invaders' eyes. The very ancient findings from archaeological sites also depict that in those days women folks were not habitual of having Ghunghat, Hizab or Nakab but the ladies of the Middle East due to weather conditions used to cover their faces but not hide their faces. It is very easily concluded that covering faces does not come from our ancient culture but adopted due to compulsions source says.


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