• Monday, 20 June, 2022 12:22:AM

    ED summoned  Rahul Gandhi in connection with the National Herald case for questioning but Congress leaders thought it to be the best opportunity and chance to show their respective loyalty to the party and party leaders and give messages to the public that the party is not out from political scenario as claimed by some leaders and parties source says. Leaders marched with  Rahul and protested source says some leaders got hurt during agitation and later got themselves admitted to the hospital and tried to convey to the leader of their actions source says.  Pramod Tewari of UP strongly protested and got hurt as claimed that his ribs were broken due to the charge of police but later he was seen in perfect physical condition source says.  Tarique also participated and got hurt as claimed but his actual condition is still to be confirmed source says. One South Indian leader was arrested and placed in a car but during protests only he vanished. Leaders from Bihar thought it better to sit on protest in the state Congress office and not come out on the streets as was planned source says. But one thing is confirmed these leaders can't agitate on the streets and are suitable to agitate on social media and blame the government for all its misdeeds?


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