• Monday, 25 July, 2022 10:23:AM

    The PM while meeting with the squad going for Commonwealth games said ‘ KOI NAHI HAI TAKKAR MEIN- KAHAN PADE HO CHAKKAR MEIN’ source says now political pandits are busy in finding out the actual meaning of the phrase used by the PM. Source says after taking over the national leadership, PM has almost changed all the scenarios for the betterment of his deliverance. All opposition parties in the country are now facing a serious challenge to their existence because they are bewildered and not getting any direction to move forward source says. Source says this is due to a very strong understanding of PM on all the subjects related to common people and his policies of deliverance to the person directly sitting last in the row. Opposition parties are not able to find out any subject to oppose the policies of government so to strengthen their existence and this is why from 2014 BJP is ruling and almost expanded their base in almost all states of the country source says. The selection of Adiwasi for the President position and also the selection of a well-learned person from Rajasthan, which is going for elections soon, are some master strokes and well-oiled strategies to make the opposition clueless.


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