• Monday, 25 July, 2022 10:23:AM

    Karnataka assembly election is approaching fast and going by the happenings in the state and in BJP cadre Congress party is very hopeful but still unable to bring any leader on a platform of the stature of three-time Ex CM B S Yediyurappa source says. He is a very popular Lingayat leader and has the backing of minorities, backward, and Dalits. Congress feels that D K Shivakumar is likely to match the stature with the backing of the Vokkalinga community. Source says in the Karnataka Vokkalinga community also has a very strong presence, if, with the community support of Dalits, minorities and backward are managed it will not be difficult to put forward a serious challenge to the ruling party. B S Yediyurappa was offered Governorship many times but he always declined considering it as siding him from active politics source says. BJP wants to have Yediyurappa alongside and also to project another leader from the Lingayat community and this is the reason that Yediyurappa is being offered the Gubernatorial position source says to pave the way to develop another leadership?


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